Brown Bear's Hot Dog Story:


We are husband and wife team Benjamin and Jennifer Chu-Raya. With more than 30 years combined experience in the food industry, we have developed a simple, yet delicious combination of toppings and condiments for our hot dogs. Our moto is "Simple, fast, and very good". We use 1/4 pound, 100% pure beef hot dogs and we prepare our special toppings fresh, daily. Not a fan of meat? We got you covered! We are now serving veggie dogs! We pride ourselves on the quality of our food and the integrity of our service.

                Jennifer & Benjerman

Did You Know:


Brown Bear's Hot Dogs used to operate solely as a mobile business. Thanks to all of our fans, we have now expanded! Isn't that great news? We definitely think so! Please, come pay us a visit! You know you want to! : )